Hive13 - Cincinnati Hackerspace
2929 Spring Grove Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio
Phone: (513) 549-4483
Hive13 Training Program
Hive13 has self paced training classes every week on a wide range of topics. Every week classes are held to teach a wide variety of subjects involving computer science and security, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and rapid prototyping. The Hive also provides a lab and workshop environment that participants have 24/7 access to for training and building their own proof of concept projects. Hive13 is a non profit organization and all proceeds go back into the organization to fund more classes and more advanced tools for the labs and workshops.

Weekly Classes
  • Microcontrollers
  • Programming Classes (Current Language: Python)
Monthly Classes
  • Security Classes (Instructors from the local 2600 Group)
  • Blender 3D animation Classes
  • Makerbot 3D fabrication Classes
  • Soldering Classes
Project Based Classes
  • DIY CNC Router
  • Eggbot Egg Plotter
  • Laser Projection
  • LED Matrix Displays
  • Augmented Reality Research
More classes coming soon!

Training Costs

A fee of $1200 is required per participant. This will give the student access to as many classes as they want to attend for a year free of charge*. The student will also have one years access to the physical facilities and lab equipment.

(*)Some classes require that the student bring some supplies that are not covered by the normal training program costs. Any class that requires additional supplies will be appropriately marked.

The Microcontroller class happens every week on Monday starting at 7pm.

Python Programming
Python classes are held every Thursday night starting at 7pm.

Blender 3D Design
Blender 3D class involves, 3D modeling, game engine physics, python scripting as well as creating designs for the Makerbot.

Security and Reversing
Scheduled classes involving computer security and reverse engineering. These classes cover a wide range of vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and general security information.

3D Plastic Fabrication with Makerbots as well as CNC design and crafting.